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Porsche Cayenne


from 23000 THB per day


Engine: 3,6 l
Transmission: automatic
Year: 2014
Climate control: yes
Multimedia: yes
Passengers: 5 persons
Deposit: 30000 THB


Unwind in Phuket with our Porsche Cayenne, from ฿23000 per day. Enjoy the comfort of 5 seats, air conditioning, and smooth automatic transmission.

Client reviews

Toyota Vios, May 2019

Today I handed over the car with my husband, I liked everything. They took an advance for a month. We chose this company because they explained in plain language about insurance and precautionary measures. It was important to us. Throughout the holidays, the guys stayed in touch. Unfortunately we got a slight scratch and we were afraid that they would not return the deposit to us. Alex politely asked to pay 500 baht for the inconvenience. Thank you very much, we will come back to you.

Toyota Yaris, August 2019

Greetings! Arrived on September 23 with a friend in Phuket and decided to rent a car for hire. We immediately thought that a reliable company was needed so that later there would be no problems with the return and, in general, with the car. With these guys, we discussed all the nuances and realized that there would be no difficulties. The car did not cause problems and we were satisfied with the service and the rest in general) Well done guys! Thanks!

Toyota Yaris, August 2019

Hello everybody! I rarely leave reviews, but I can’t keep silent here! somehow got used to renting a vehicle when traveling! and this vacation is no exception! as they say - word of mouth works! On the recommendation of friends, they turned here and were extremely pleased! everything is fast, affordable, and most importantly high-quality! I'm glad that I addressed these guys! I recommend to everyone!!!

Mazda 2, January 2018

We rested in December 2017-January 2018. You understand - the peak of the season. Cars like hot cakes. During the rest, this company was already the third, where they took the car. The best impressions. Initially ordered Vios 2017, but when transferring the car, Alex and Denis offered a brand new Mazda2 for the same money, because Vios was a little scratched, which we agreed with., But you could not offer, based on demand. They helped with the return: they took me to the airport, and they also brought things forgotten to our friends. So: well done. All sorts of recommendations.

Most asked questions

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How to rent a car?

1) Book

Leave a request on the site or call / write to the messenger. Your personal manager will contact you and clarify all the details.

2) Prepare documents

For reservation and drawing up a contract you need a passport photo, driver’s license, location or hotel name, as well as a phone number for communication.

3) Get a car

We will bring the car to you at the hotel or at the airport and sign the contract. In addition to payment, it will be necessary to make a deposit, which will be returned upon delivery of the car.

How much does shipping and returning a car cost?

If desired, we can deliver, and then pick up the car from anywhere in Phuket. Cost depends on location:

  • Talang 200/200 THB
  • Kathu 300/300 THB
  • Patong 300/300 THB
  • Kamala 300/300 THB
  • Surin 300/300 THB
  • Bangtao 300/300 THB
  • Kata 400/400 THB
  • Karon 400/400 THB
  • Chalong 400/500 THB
  • Naiharn 500/500 THB
  • Rawai 500/500 THB
  • Panwa 500/500 THB
  • Rasada 500/500 THB
  • Airport 500/500 THB
  • Naithon 500/500 THB
  • Maikao 500/500 THB

Night time is charged at a double rate.

How can I pay?

We accept payment in the following ways:

  • Cash in Thai Baht
  • By credit card (charge 3%)
Do I need to leave a passport or other documents as a deposit?
No. We do not ask for any of your documents as collateral.
Are cars and bikes insured?
Yes, all of our vehicles are insured.
What are the restrictions on mileage and number of drivers?
We offer all our customers unlimited mileage in Phuket. An unlimited number of drivers can use the car. (Must be driver license)
Is a car wash included in the rental price?
Car wash is not included in the rental price. The cost is 300 baht for a car and 500 baht for 7-seater cars.
What to do if I got into an accident?
First of all - do not worry. You must call the support service at the number specified in the contract or by phone +666-3593-9850. The operator will tell you what to do.
Is it possible to travel outside of Phuket?
If you want to travel outside of Phuket, you must first coordinate the departure with our company. It is forbidden to travel outside the borders of Thailand.
Are traffic rules different in Thailand?

Yes, there are several features in Thailand's traffic rules.

  • In Thailand - left-hand traffic, so the rule works - interference on the left (with the exception of roundabouts).
  • Any instructions from the policeman are prioritized and must be followed without complaint.
  • There is no such thing as a causeless stop in Thailand. Therefore, being stopped by a policeman, it makes no sense to argue, this will only aggravate the situation.
  • Very often raids are carried out to identify those who have drunk while driving, as well as the availability of driver rights. With this raid they stop everyone in a row. A fine of 20,000 baht or a prison term follows for alcohol.
  • Overtaking or leading another vehicle is permitted only on the right side.
  • Any unregulated intersection should be regarded as equivalent.
  • With a red traffic signal, a left turn is allowed, making sure that there is no prohibition sign and giving way to other road users.
  • Blinking lights means that the driver wants to drive first.
  • Speed limits: in the village - 60 km / h, outside the village - 90 km / h, on the highway - 110 km / h.

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