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Charter to Krabi Islands - Hong, Ko Lao Lading and Pak Bia


Chartered to the islands of Krabi - Hong, Ko Lao Lading and Pak Bia on the OCEAN LOVE sports cruiser.

A early exit from Boat Lagoon at 8:30 is recommended.

Stops on islands: 

Ostrov Ko Phae is a sandy spit in the sea. Swimming, board riding.

Paradice Beach on Yao Yai Island. Huge sandy spit, beach with palm trees. Perfect place for photo shoot and board riding.

Ko Hong Island (Krabi) - narrow entrance to the lagoon with mango thickets. Beautiful views, board riding among mangroves. There is also a beach.

Ostrov Lading is a private lagoon and beach among the rocks. It's a good place for lunch.

Ostrov Pak Bia is a private beach that connects two cliffs,


and Ko Aleil is the beach where the monkeys come.

The order of visiting the islands can be reversed, depending on the tides.

Routeserve properties - small tourist traffic, all islands are uninhabited. Beautiful views throughout the route.


Store up to 10 people on board

From May 15 to October 31 42000

From November 1 to December 24 46000

From December 25 to January 14, 50000

More than 10 people aboard + 1000 baht per person.


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