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Fantasy show


Fantasy Show in Phuket, or as it's called Fantasy Show, is a Thai theater that plays a one-and-a-half hour performance based on an ancient legend about Prince Kamal. Acrobats, clowns, illusionists and gymnasts perform on stage. The name of the show Phuket Fantasea consists of their combination of two words - "fantasy" "sea" - and means "sea of fantasy" which fully corresponds to the performance, it is very colorful and bright.

Show program

17:00 - 17:30 Transfer from the hotel.

17:30 Park opening. You will get a sticker at the entrance, save your ticket before boarding the transfer to your return trip!

18:00 Dinner, buffet.

21:00 Start of presentation.

22:30 End of view.

23:30 Return to hotel.

Based on our observation, this show is one of the most recommended entertainment programs for children from 4 years.


Standard seats in the hall for adults 2000 baht kids 1900 baht

Gold Places  adult 2250 baht child 2150 baht

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