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Khao Sok and Lake Cheo Lan for 1 day


Very active and intense excursion in the famous Kao Sok Park. In short, Kao Juice is not only impassable jungle, waterfalls, elephants, monkeys, majestic temples, but also the amazing beauty of Cheo Lan Lake.

This lake is one of the most picturesque places in Thailand. The lake with fresh water of celestial glaze color, is located among the amazing limestone rocks and impassable jungle. There are neither flies nor mosquitoes. Only a quiet, even water surface.

Turists come here not only to admire the scenery of pristine nature, for new impressions, but also to enjoy the silence, serenity of these places. There's no connection to the outside world, which happens sometimes by the way.

We are taking a day trip to Kao Sok in three options. Each of the programs is very interesting, rich and takes 12 people in minibuses. Such transport is faster and more comfortable, and the route is not tiresome.


Standard program 

Adult 1900 baht baby 1700 baht

This is a classic version of the tour: a little national park + lake. The most popular variant, very crowded.

06:30 Check out of the hotel.

07:45 A visit to the temple of the Black Monk, relics inside Chadi, remains of bones, hair and a tooth of Buddha.

08:45 Visit to the temple of Suwanqua (Temple of the Apes).

10:00 Elephant riding 30 minutes, little elephant show.

11:30 Stop at the observation deck of Lake Cheo Lan.

12:00 Stop at the lake near Guilin rocks for photo.

13:00 Lunch in a floating restaurant (Thai set menu), free time on the lake, swimming, canoeing (4 hours).

17:00 Return to hotel.


Advanced program 

Adult 2100 baht baby 1800 baht

Distinctions from the standard program:

Longer time on the lake - 4 hours (walk on the lake, dinner in the floating village, time for bathing and rest)!

The improved program has more professional Russian guides.

In this program you stop at another restaurant, which is closer to the pier, the road to it does not take long, you have more time to swim in the lake and canoeing.

Usually maximum 4 groups per day. Nice and easy.

The enhanced program includes a visit to the mountainous Bang Riang Buddhist Monastery with stunning views of the valley before sunset. You can walk around the area around the pagoda (without visiting the courtyard) and enjoy the atmosphere of calm and harmony while away from civilization and take unforgettable photos.

6:30 - 7:30 Check out of hotels

8:30 - 9:00 Visit to Wat Suvan Kuha Temple (Golden Cave Temple), located inside a picturesque grotto at the foot of the karst mountain. Loved by the crowds of funny monkeys, this temple will be a worthy start to your tour, where you will learn what "there is a bun & quot; and how to simply accumulate good karma.

9:40 - 10:30 Elephant walk through the tropical forest at the foot of the ancient mountains covered with a green jungle blanket for 30 minutes 

12:00 Visit to the observation deck on the dam "Ratchaprapa" near the hydroelectric power plant that supplies electricity to the province of southern Thailand.

12:20 - 12:50 Walk on a traditional longtail boat on an unforgettable Lake Cheolan - a place with an amazing history and stunning nature.

12:50 Arrival in the floating village and lunch. In the afternoon you will have rest, bathing, canoeing and a lot of free time.

16:30 Return by boat to the berth at the dyke "Ratchaprapa".

17:30 - 18:00 Visit to Ban Tong Temple

19:30 - 20:30 Arrival at a hotel in Phuket.

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