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Khao Sok and Lake Cheo Lan for 2 days


Cheo Lan Lake Tour for 2 days is definitely the best overland tour from Phuket. Kao Sok National Park is the most famous attraction in Thailand. It is an ideal place for a trip to the tropical jungle.

We offer you three different excursion programs. The main difference is the location for overnight accommodation. At the bottom of the map you can see where the proposed hotels are located. There are three hotels in total: Sai Chon Raft Houses, Phutawan Eaft Houses and Ta Khun Mountain View. The first two are located on the lake itself, and the third one is 14 km away.

Opportunities of holding


The reason for this program is that you will have a very busy first day in Kao Soka. You will spend the night near the lake in a new hotel, in a picturesque area among the mountains. And the second day, you'll go to Cheo Lan Lake. The advantages of this program are that it is a little cheaper than other options and the schedule is very tight. From the minuses - you will not spend the night on Cheo Lan and will not see all the pre-dawn and night beauty.


First day

06:30 Check out of the hotel, start the program

07:30 Wat Suwankuha Temple. Cave temple with stalactites and stalagmites. You can see the monkeys.

09:00 Elephant riding, bishop show, bishop bathing.

10:30 Visit to the unique Temple of Hell and Paradise, walk to the jade statue of Buddha.

12:00 Lunch on the river in Kao Sok National Park.

13:30 River rafting in the jungle on bamboo rafts. Preparation of tea in bamboo stalks.

14:30 Visit to Wanaram Temple. Feeding fish.

<15:00 Viewpoint of the Kao Sok National Park.

16:00 Jungle waterfall visit

16:40 Hot Sources

18:00 Hotel check-in, dinner and free time.

The second day

06:30 Breakfast.

08:00 Departure to the pier of Lake Cheo Lan.

09:00 Longtail boat cruise on the lake.

10:00 Arrival at the floating restaurant. Free time.

12:00 Lunch at the lake restaurant.

14:00 Arrival at Wat Vachiramangkol Temple

15:50 Stop at fruit market

18:00 Arrival at hotels



Bungalow accommodation on lake standard accommodation (shared shower and toilet) adult 4200 baht children 3900 baht 3900 baht


Day 1

07:00 Check out of the hotel, sightseeing on the way.

09:30 Stop at the monkey cave, visit the temple of Suvan Kuh and the cave of stalactites and flying mice.

10:40 Visit to the Temple of Hell and Paradise (Dragon Temple). There you can walk through the throat of the sacred dragon, explore a marvelous cave with stalactites and bats and face the demon of Yama. You will see with your own eyes Buddhist hell and the punishment for earthly sins, and then purify yourself in paradise.

13:00 Departure by traditional Thai boat from the pier to the bungalow, explore the scenery of Cheo Lan Lake on the way.

14:00 Accommodation in a bungalow.

14:10 Lunch at a restaurant on pontoons.

15:00 Rest, swimming in the refreshing water of the lake, fishing, independent canoeing.

17.00 Evening lake boat safari, opportunity to see wild animals National Park.

18:30 Dinner, free time.

21:00 Night in a bungalow on pontoons. The most wonderful time to contemplate the starry sky and the silhouettes of trees, the opportunity to hear the sounds of the real jungle, in a reunion with nature.


Day 2

07:00 Breakfast, eviction.

07:30 Check out of the hotel by longtail boat to the berth, sightseeing of the lake.

08:30 Arrival at the berth.

10:00 River rafting in the jungle on bamboo rafts, tea break, coffee brewed in bamboo stalks. As a souvenir are offered mugs of bamboo for free.

11:00 Lunch, presented by traditional Thai cuisine.

11:40 Visit to the fish cave (Vanaram Cave Temple), feeding the sacred fish.

12:20 Stop at the waterfall.

12:35 Stop at the observation deck Kao Soka.

12:50 Visit to the elephant village. Elephant Walk.

14:00 Relaxing and wellness bathing in hot, mineral springs.

14:40 Landscape view on the way to the hotel.

17:00 Arrival at the hotel.



Bungalow accommodation on the lake , improved conditions (toilet and shower in the room)

adult 4300 baht child 3700 baht


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