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James Bond Island


Island of James Bond

Speedboat  adult 1700 baht  child 1500 baht

Large boat    adult 1500 baht  child 1300 baht


First Island – Panak. Its width – 700 meters. Length – over 3 km. The way to this fantastic place is through a long canoe tunnel. You will meet eagles, bats, reptiles, wild monkeys. The lagoons of the island are connected by tunnels and caves. At low tide you will have the opportunity to pass through the cave 150 meters inside the island of Panak, enjoy the beauty of transparent lakes (there are more than 10!). Take with you a powerful flashlight and a good camera.


Second Island – Hong. In Thai, Hong means «room» and this name fully justifies itself. The caves inside the island are like rooms. You'll ride to the rocks of Phang-Nga Bay through mangroves.

James Bond Island

Drinking stop – James Bond Island (the way to it is through the sea gypsy village). Original name of island – Ko Tapu (translated from Thai «nail & raquo;). It is located in Phan Nga Bay, northeast of Phuket. Here was the shooting of one of the parts of the franchise about Agent 007, and  therefore the island was named. «Nail» save from destruction – government included this piece of land in the National Marine Park back in 1981. Walks on the island are prohibited. You can only view and take pictures from a certain distance by boat. Flora and fauna are represented by eagles and rare wild plants. Restrictions on excursions were necessary – strict security measures helped  Ko Tapu did not sink, maintain altitude and tourist interest. Guests are welcomed on neighbouring island – Khao Ping Kahn. Located 40 meters from «Nail»... There, visitors can explore the area, caves, buy interesting souvenirs at the fair and sunbathe on the beach. Stay time is limited – 30 minutes.


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